Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

"Together, to the school of future"

The program is to be implemented in cooperation with the Department of Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Three projects were implemented in Nikopol in the framework of social partnership agreement in 2012 with CENTRAVIS support. The Resource Advanced Technologies Education Center equipped with computers and up-to-date interactive facilities was opened on the basis of the Secondary School No. 13. CENTRAVIS organized a Conversational English Club on the basis of the same Secondary School No. 13 supported by its long-time partner IBL school. As a result, the forward pupils can take free English lessons with a native-speaker – one of IBL teachers. The pilot project of “E-school” for children with special educational needs started in August, 2012 - disabled children undergoing training at home and their teachers received laptops and free access to the Internet presented by the Company. The Regional Department of Education and Science, in its turn, has ensured the methodological framework and online resource for remote training of the projects participants. In 2013, the Company continued financing all three programs. In addition, another pilot project supported by Centravis started in autumn 2013 within the regional «1 +1» e-training program (1 student : 1 computer). The classroom for elementary pupils of the city school was fully equiped with netbooks, a wireless Internet zone and a projector. Thus, from their first days the elementary school students enter an e-learning environment which will become for them the whole world full of new possibilities.

"In a family circle"

The second program, "In a family circle" is aimed to those who has the greatest need. For many years, the Company takes care of children from low-income families, orphans, and children with special needs.

The sponsored boarding school «Garmoniya» is paid special attention to. Besides regular financing of housekeeping needs, the Company organizes excursions for children around Ukraine and master classes in needlework with the participation of the Company’s employees. In autumn 2012, CENTRAVIS organized a corporate planting of fruit trees in the territory of the boarding school.

The Company traditionally holds large celebrations for children with special needs, children from low-income families with many kids and orphans by the Day of Disabled Persons and the Day of Saint Nikolas. Attention is also paid to children of the Company’s employees in difficult situations. By September, 1, all school children from large families and single-parent families were provided with stationery sets. One-day trip to child entertainment center was arranged for first-form schoolchildren.

Development of medicine and health-protection

The third direction of the Company’s social program is medicine support. Within 5 years, the Company has been investing huge sums to development of medical institutions diagnostic base. In 2012-2013, the Company provided the child ambulance station and Nikopol child hospital in-patient department with up-to-date ECG machine, infusion pump, destructor for disposal of used syringes as well as industrial washing machine. While 4th city hospital, intended mainly for people with impaired cardiac and neuromuscular functions, was equipped with the diagnostic apparatus neuromyography - the first and only one in the city as well as the daily ECG monitor with a laptop and software.

Corporate volunteering

CENTRAVIS actively attracts employees to participate in corporate volunteering programs by implementation of measures in the field of corporate social responsibility in its region. The Company’s employees regularly clean the city territory and plant trees, arrange fund and material assets raising for the benefit of socially disadvantaged population groups, perform master-classes for students of secondary and higher education establishments as well as visit single plant veterans.