Success Stories

Success Stories

Dmitriy Sharf

Deputy head of tube press shop on technology

Success Stories

Work experience in company – 11 years. He started career development on the position of marker of hot metal

Tell why did you decide to choose the international holding CENTAVIS?

As I grew up in a family of metallurgists, for me the choice of profession and specialty was quite obvious. My father used to work in the Nikopol South Steel Plant and when I was 12 years old I got to the shop number 4, it is now tube press shop of CENTRAVIS. Impressions were very vivid and unforgettable. As a student at the National Metallurgical Academy in 2002, I had a practice in TPS and finally decided to choose this company.

What attracts you most in work?

Our work is a continuous solution of production tasks, daily experience learning. In 2008, company invested more than 50 million EUR to create a new tube press line, which significantly expanded the range of products shop. Work on the new line is interesting, but requires our great attention and absolute returns. For example, the challenge was to develop technology for tube production on new tube press line, especially in part of heat. But now the process is debugged, and we are ready to develop new technologies.

Dmitriy, more than 400 persons work in the shop. What can you characterize the team?

We are the team, and a close-knit team, everybody works as a part of one mechanism.

How does your working day pass?

As if it lasts one minute, it starts at 6:00 and comes to an end in 18:00.

What can you advise for those who want to work in CENTRAVIS?

Be ready for continuous training and development. It is an obligatory condition to be an honorable member of our team.

Tell what does success mean for you?

It is quite simple – it is an achievement of your own goals!

Elena Yasnogor

The Head of the Department of Operational Logistics.

Success Stories

Work experience in company – 19 years. She started her career development on the position of engineer of order and sale department.

Lena, you were one of the originators. In 1994 you started to work in company UVIS and in 2007 after rebranding you became a member of CENTRAVIS team. What guides you when choosing an employer?

Direction of the company’s activity complied with my education. I was interested to apply my knowledge in a rapidly developing young company, to get a new experiences and opportunities for career development.

What attracts you most in work?

Clearly specified goals and possibility to develop a way to achieve them. Ambitious target or goal requires careful planning, breaking down into smaller sub-tasks with specific deadlines. Always nice to keep track of result of such work. I was attracted by the opportunity to make decisions, degree of responsibility that falls on the shoulders - it's a good motivation.

Which difficulties do you face while performing your duties?

There are no difficulties; there are tasks, issues, problems which must be solved.

Please, describe your team.

Close-knit, initiative, friendly, organized and having ideological community.

How does your working day pass?

Actively. A cup of coffee, greeting staff and evaluation of work performed the previous day. Then I respond to letters, decide priorities. In addition to the ongoing issues there are always some fresh ideas to improve logistics service for internal and external customers. The working day ends with formation of plans and targets for the next day.

What can you advise for those who want to work in CENTRAVIS?

Be sincere and believe in yourself.

What does success mean for you?

Success is movement from target to target, no matter what the obstacles are. Success is a sense of happiness from achieving any worthy goal. My success is that I do what I like. Beside me there are people close to me. I hope they are happy, which means I am happy too.